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We follow a complete consultation tactic. Ideas, technology, monopoly, creativity – the ingredients and the recipe are ever ready at Adclan.

Our Awesome Services.

Accuracy and precision is our prime priority and the anticipated finest look that we gave to every project is awe-inspiring!


For customized brand management solutions; dexterous planning & focused execution of ideas; and to align investors, customers, and the likes – choose us and consider the job done!


To get your business an insanely branded spot in the cluttering market – that’s our objective. Connecting to masses needs content and nothing strikes the chord better than creative content.


Building & maintaining robust, healthy relations with the consumers become imperative for any business to sustain. To do so, analyzing the insights, recent trends & consumer behaviors is essential.


Yes, we promise getting your business the right spotlight. How? Going digital. Technology has spun the world into a social media web and we have an expertise in wading through the digital traffic.


A matter of few seconds – that’s the time span we get to attract the onlookers. So, what better way than doing it through audio-visuals? A story well projected, is a tale that lasts long and we strive to nail it, spot on.


Money matters and having understood this, we work towards getting the worth of every penny you invest in media buying. Complete analysis of the underlying competition and consultation on media investments.

Who Are We.

Dreams have the power to move, what’s crucial is how well the dreams are being followed. A vision to start your own business, however small or large it is, comes with its share of apprehensions and motivations. As a business, the jitters are only obvious; there is so much to it – making it a famous brand within a pocket-friendly budget, striking the right chord amidst the consumers and well, leaving that everlasting impact.

Our Process.

Establishing a business is a Herculean task – the head-start, the growth and sustainable evolution in a given time span determines success. Right from entering the market, familiarizing with the masses and then going all grand, Adclan provides the best of all domains. The team’s expertise ranges from strategic brand solutions, digital marketing, media buying, PR, ATL & BTL activities and more.

Our Approach.

Robust and strong brand identity is a core goal for any business and team Adclan exactly targets to fill in for this very need. In a cluttering market, Adclan has a very creative and unconventional approach towards meeting their goals. The team balances out between experience and experiments.

Our Goal.

Adclan is definitely not just another marketing agency or consultancy or a media Ad agency. It is actually a hub of brimming talents; a team that works on various verticals to make your brand the next big talk of the town and alongside prioritizes to augment the brand identity.

Our Mission.

Talk of creativity, focus, promise, potential expertise and inspiration, Adclan has just one mantra – to augment your business. And since it’s a fresh agency, the team is well versed and highly tech savvy, always abreast with the latest and trending advances of the domain.

Our Rockstar Team.

It’s a young team, with raging agility and evinces highly passionate and motivated spirit to perform.

Sandeep Kaul

Digital Marketing Manager

Manjeet Singh

Digital Marketing Manager

Deepti Shehrawat

Digital Marketing Manager

Shivam Tiwari

Digital Marketing Manager

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